The OcuScience Ex Vivo ERG Adapter - Functional Testing of Viable Retina Tissue


By Dissecting the Retina and Transferring it to Our Tissue Support System, Pure Functional Response From Only the Retina is Obtained. Outside Noise From Other Physiology Such as Cardiac, Neurological, and Muscle are Removed. The Controlled Tissue Support System Keeps the Specimen Stable and Viable for Several Hours.


You Can Combine the Ex Vivo ERG System With Our HMsERG For a Complete Turn Key Solution.  Or, Use Our Ex Vivo System With Other ERG Flash Systems (Diagnosys or LKC) to Add New Functionality to Your Existing Equipment.


Benefits of Using the OcuScience Ex VIVO ERG Adapter

  • Ex VIVO ERG Brings New Depth to Vision Research
  • Ultra Low Noise Retina Function Recordings
  • Perfusion and Temperature Control Keeps Retina Viable for Hours
  • Use One Donor Retina for Multiple Tests
  • Two Wells for Simultaneous Data Collection
  • Direct Testing of Drugs and Biologics on Retina Function
  • Increase Specificity and Sensitivity of Functional Toxicological Markers
  • Quickly Screen a Wide Dosage Range to Identify Physiological Effect
  • Compatible with Most ERG Systems

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    The Ex Vivo ERG is Used World-Wide to Aid in Ophthalmic Research:


    Kolesnikov, A. V. & Kefalov, V. J. Transretinal ERG recordings from mouse retina: rod and cone photoresponses. J Vis Exp, doi: 10.3791/3424 (2012).

    Vinberg, F., Kefalov, V. Simultaneous ex vivo Functional Testing of Two Retinas by in vivo Electroretinogram System. J. Vis. Exp. (99), e52855, doi:10.3791/52855 (2015).

    Scientific Articles

    Visit Our Publications Page To View a List of Scientific Articles Using the Ex Vivo ERG Technology.

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