Stainless Steel Subdermal Needle Electrode 10/Box

Stainless Steel Subdermal Needle Electrode 10/Box

We have a unique line of electrodes designed for use in in-vivo electroretinography (ERG) and visual evoked potential (VEP) examinations. No matter the size of the eye, we have a solution for you. Our electrodes are designed for ease of use and quality recordings. We manufacture our electrodes in the USA and also distribute the ERG-jet® contact lens electrode.

Our veterinary subdermal needle electrode is designed to be used in ERG examinations.  The stainless steel needles resist oxidation and maintain low impedance values.  Our wire is specified for its low impedance characteristics.  For patient protection, the connector fits most ERG systems that comply with CSA and UL requirements.  Stainless steel needles have been used for several decades in various electrophysiology applications including ERG.

Length: 24 inches / 60cm

Female type connector

[Used by Veterinarians & Large Animal Clinics]

$ 135.00