Rodent Intravitreal Lens

Rodent Intravitreal Lens

Rodent Intravitreal Lens: Mouse or Rat (Qty. 1)

Accuracy is key.  The intravitreal contact lens allows the user to see into the rodent’s vitreous to confirm needle placement, avoid hitting the anterior segment, vasculature, and back of the eye.  Consistently position the needle to inject therapeutics for maximal effect and reduced variability.  The intravitreal contact lens is easy to place, small enough not to obstruct needle placement, and optically clear for detailed viewing in to the rodent eye.  

The unique 10 degree contact face removes reflection artifacts on the surface while allowing plenty of light into the eye for high resolution imaging.  Lenses are precision machined hydrogel material.  Packaged in bacteriostatic saline 1ml vial. Can be disinfected and reused multiple times. 

Customer Testimonial:

"The mouse and rat intravitreal lenses made by OcuScience have made our intravitreal and subretinal dosing procedures much more efficient.  We no longer have to struggle with coverslips, the lenses fit well on the cornea and stay in place allowing clear visualization of the posterior segment throughout the injection".

 Available as 3mm (Mouse) or 6mm (Rat) diameter

$ 300.00